Altsphere Production
Altsphere Production

2003 - 2023

Altsphere was an indie records label from 2003 to 2021.
Website finally definitively closed in 2023.

We released doom metal, industrial music, thrash metal demos, experimental music CD or metal vinyl record.

We enjoyed not to release only true classic metal as we love lots of various and different subgenres. was also an online shop and mailorder specialized in selling metal CD and metal vinyl records and all their subgenres.

A place of honor was made for vinyl records LP and 7-inch EP. We proposed also a few audio tapes from grindcore to drone noise music.

Made by music fans, our cheap records, regular price drop and on sale vinyls LP allow music fans to discover albums and bands they would have not listened to otherwise. We tried to propose a large range of subgenres to allow you to complete your vinyl collection with collector and rare records but also with underground and do it yourself albums and demos.

Thank you !